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Based on the original Guppers  by TNERB (with his permission)!
check out his work :

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- mouse : moves cursor
- left click and hold : over gupper to move them to where you'd like
- right click  : create rain cloud


- guppers need food to survive
- guppers wander aimlessly
- guppers who are fed well plant tress on wet land
- guppers build homes when they are extremely well fed
- younglings are born when a house is well stocked with food
- younglings can't be picked up, they are fragile!
- younglings can't gather their own food!

>>> DEBUG CONTROLS (future creative mode?)

- MOUSE LEFT CLICK while holding down
1 : spawn sapling that will grow into a tree
2 : spawn tree
3 : spawn home that once finished being built will spawn an adult gupper
4 : spawn gupper youngling
5 : spawn adult gupper

Q  : spawn star particles
W : spawn balloons

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