​changelog 008 - stars and health

- replaced "explosion" particles with star particles when house is built or tree is planted
- guppers place tree saplings when holding enough food and walking over puddle
- added cliff edges which guppers can fall off
- added ability to manually drop guppers off cliff
- added ability to grab falling guppers
- tweaked gupper / cursor collision detection
- added gupper speech bubble reactions to being picked up
- added gupper speech bubble reactions to falling
- removed underlying health system and replaced it with a pure "food / starvation" metric
- tweaks in number of cloud / rain particles generated
- increased height rain falls
- clouds now spontaneously spawn over trees
- right clicking now generates one cloud rather than continuous cloud / rain particles


- younglings don't fall off cliffs
- gupper falls in front of ground when manually dropped from above
- gupper falling reaction speech bubbles appear behind lower cliffs
- bare trees graphical "stutter" back to life when watte


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May 27, 2017

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